BASE-TACK Blue & Green

  • Twelve (12) individually bagged quarter folded 12″x18″ tack cloths per box
  • Medium Tack Formulation
  • Ideal for waterborne coating systems
  • Removes dust, dirt, and surface contaminants prior to basecoat application
  • Flexible fabric easily reaches hard to reach areas and sharp, tight angles
  • Minimum potential for tackifier transfer
  • Anti-Static
  • Contains no wax or silicones
  • Non-Toxic
  • For a tackier wipe, simply stretch the fabric

VIETEK has proudly partnered with Sontara®, the undisputed leader of high-quality wiping materials, to deliver our selection of Premium high-performance tack cloths.

VIETEK 43-787 “BASE-TACK Blue” and 43-786 “BASE-TACK Green” are “Medium Tack” quarter folded tack cloths, mainly intended for use in post sealer through basecoat applications.  Their medium tack formulations are ideal for removing contaminants such as dust and dirt just prior to applying basecoat.

BASE-TACK Blue and Green are made with extremely flexible fabric that easily conforms to tight angles and hard to get areas without tackifier transfer.  Additional tackiness can be achieved by simply stretching the fabric before use.

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