• Heavy Tack Formulation
  • Removes dirt and high levels of sanding residue
  • Easily peeled apart and bunched, allowing billowing effect for maximum attraction of contaminants
  • Highly efficient
  • Long lasting performance
  • Twelve (12) individually bagged 1/8 folded 18″x36″ white tack cloths per box

VIETEK has proudly partnered with Sontara®, the undisputed leader in wiping materials, to deliver our selection of Premium high-performance tack cloths.

VIETEK 43-740 “FIRST-TACK” is a very efficient, long lasting, 1/8 folded, white “High Tack” Surface Prep Cloth.

First-Tack is engineered to trap and remove high levels of dirt and sanding residue.  It can easily be peeled apart and bunched to create a billow effect, allowing efficient trapping of contaminants with less pressure and less potential to transfer tackifier agent to the surface.

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