Lacquer Tool and Equipment Wash

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  • Convenient Tap Pail side dispenses for easy safe dispensing without splashing and waste
  • 100% Virgin solvents
  • Softens, cleans and removes automotive refinish coatings
  • Works well on both water and solvent borne coatings
  • Part Number: 36-333

Our custom blend of 100% virgin solvents are intended specifically for tool and equipment cleaning operations. VIETEK 36-333 Lacquer tool and Equipment Wash is designed to efficiently soften, clean and remove both water and solvent borne automotive refinish coatings from paint mixing and application equipment. Our unique and custom “TAP-PAIL” safely dispenses solvents without having to pour or pump materials into a container, no more splashing or spilling with this safe and convenient way to dispense.

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