MS Urethane Multi-Panel Low VOC Clear

  • 4:1 Mix Ratio (3:1 in extreme hot temperatures)
  • Builds fast, 2 coat application
  • 1 Lb/gal VOC
  • Well suited for Multi Panel and overall refinish jobs
  • Activators
    • VTK 33-397 / Medium Temp
    • VTK 33-398 / High Temp

Note: We recommend cleaning all spray equipment with VIETEK Gun-Flush Part # 36-650

VIETEK 33-390 was engineered for ease of application and great results. It is a multi-panel clear that features a ready to spray VOC of 2.1 lbs/gal and multiple activators to suit your spray environment. It has a 3-hour usable pot life and its quick build characteristics allow for a 2-coat application.  VIETEK 33-390 is a great choice for markets that require low VOC and demand great results.

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