TEK-PRO-Wiper (turquoise)

  • Durable non-woven wiper engineered for In-Booth refinish operations
  • No glues, binders, or chemicals to contaminate your work
  • Highly Absorbent
  • Solvent and chemical resistant
  • Precision Cut virtually lint free
  • Interfold, no trailing fibers
  • Hydroentangled
  • Box contains 100 15″x 12.5″ wipers
  • Don’t break down with solvent or water-born cleaners

VIETEK has proudly partnered with Sontara®, the industry leader in wiper materials to deliver this Premium In-Booth Clean and Dry Wiper.

VIETEK 43-135 TEK-PRO-Wiper is the absolute best choice for in the booth cleaning operations. These premium performers are Non-Woven Hydro Entangled and do not contain glues binders or chemicals that can contaminate the very surfaces your preparing for refinish.

TEK-PRO-Wipers are designed for use with both water-borne and solvent-borne cleaning solutions which means they are safe for any refinish cleaning process, their precise cut interfold design leaves no trailing fibers and are virtually lint free.

Count on TEK-PRO-Wipers to be the most efficient wiper available today, with a purpose-engineered texture and durable absorbent material that truly absorbs, removes contaminants and delivers faster more efficient booth operations.

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