• Durable non-woven wiper thats great for all body shop and refinish operations
  • Hydroentangled
  • No glues, binders, or chemicals to contaminate your work
  • Highly Absorbent
  • Solvent and chemical resistant
  • Precision Cut virtually lint free
  • Interfold, no trailing fibers
  • Box contains 100 15″x12.5″ wipers
  • Part Number: 43-125

VIETEK has proudly partnered with Sontara®, the industry leader in wiper materials to deliver this multi-purpose Refinish All-Prep wiper engineered to do more of your body shops cleanup operations.

VIETEK 43-125 TEK-Towel is the perfect all-around wiper for paint shop clean-up and preparation operations from Pre-bodywork through the final wipe down prior to coatings application.

They do not break down when using solvent cleaners and because they are super absorbent don’t just push cleaners around. Use on glass, mirrors and plastic for a streak free clean.

TEK-Towels are non-woven hydro entangled for durable performance. They contain zero contaminants like glues, binders or chemicals, are precision cut and virtually lint free making them perfect for all around body shop applications.

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