• 50 State compliant
  • 2.1 Lbs/Gallon RTS VOC.
  • Lead and Chrome Free
  • 2K Easy 1:1 Mix Ratio
  • Topcoat in 30-60 minutes
  • Compatible with most all paintable properly prepared automotive and industrial substrates
  • Topcoat with VIETEK BED-ROCK Bedliner
  • Other topcoats: 1 and 2K primer surfacers, single and 2 stage color systems, polyester primer surfacers, body filler putties and glazes

VIETEK V-E Prime 2.1 VOC Epoxy Primer Sealer is engineered to protect the system integrity of successive filler, primer, and topcoat systems.  34-240 V-E Prime [Grey Green] Epoxy Primer Sealer provides superior adhesion, barrier characteristics, and corrosion resistance to a broad range of properly prepared substrates, such as metal, plastic, fiberglass, and fully cured OEM and refinish coating systems.

V-E Prime is lead and chrome free and can be topcoated in as little as 30-60 minutes @ 72°F.  Always follow all product safety and usage instructions.

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