• Proactively Guards exposed adjacent panels from grinding and sanding operations
  • Protects painted and adjacent panels during re-assembly operations
  • Bright Color directs working hands away from costly mistakes
  • Saves masking tape by holding down plastic sheeting in the shop or booth.
  • Highly visible, wont get thrown away with masking materials
  • Rapid On-Off, Easy to use
  • Saves Time Every Time!
  • Package Contents:
    • 4 x V-Guards per tube
    • 21 1/2” x 1 3/16” Each

VIETEK 44-116 V-Guard Magnetic Panel Edge Protector has been engineered to protect against unwanted damage during repair and re-assembly operations. This highly effective Versatile tool is a must for every body technicians tool box.

Protect adjacent panels during sanding, grinding and reassembly operations, saves time and costly masking tape by holding down loose masking materials and plastic sheeting in the booth and shop.

Highly visible bright orange color directs working hands away from costly mistakes and reduces the potential to discard with masking materials. Pays for itself the very first time you hit it with a sander, grinder or tap an edge during re-assembly.

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