About Vietek

VIETEK is a private brand of National Coatings and Supplies and Single Source. Our goal is simple: bring innovation that works for you. We aren’t about just selling you a product. If that product doesn’t perform to expectations then it is useless.

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Whats New?

A selection of our latest products

TEK-SUIT Premium

The TEK-SUIT Premium suit is the top of the line disposable paint suit for your painters.

TEK-SUIT Vapor Guard Premium

The TEK-SUIT Vapor Guard Premium suit is the top of the line paint suit for your painters.

TEK-8 Green

TEK-8 Green nitrile gloves provides high visibility and superior durability with a raised diamond texture for an excellent grip, wet or dry.

TEK-15 Blue

TEK-15 Blue latex gloves are almost four times thicker than standard gloves while providing the extra protection of an extended cuff.

TEK-8 Latex

TEK-8 Latex gloves are twice as thick as standard latex gloves while providing the dexterity and sensitivity that you expect.

Premium Wash Thinner

Gun and equipment cleaning wash thinner

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