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VIETEK is a private brand of National Coatings and Supplies and Single Source. Our goal is simple: bring innovation that works for auto body shops, collision centers, automotive painters, and the collision repair industry as a whole.

VIETEK products are sold nationwide throughout the United States via National Coatings & Supplies | Singles Sources stores to better serve customers everything they need quickly and at competitive prices.

We aren’t about just selling you a product. If that product doesn’t perform to expectations then it is useless. Instead, we set the bar above our competition and beyond. We don’t just take one step ahead, we move miles ahead to show the industry what is truly possible when you look beyond what everyone else is doing.

Types of VIETEK Products:

  • Liquids: Defensive Coatings, Primers, Sealers, Surfaces, Gun Cleaners, Clears, Solvents, Reducers, Spray in Bed liners.
  • Masking: Paper, Plastic, Crash Protective Films.
  • Detail: Glass Cleaner, General Purpose Cleaner, Thinners.
  • Safety: Head Socks, Paint Suits (Patented Reusable and Disposable )
  • Repair: Body Fillers.
  • Tools and Supplies: Body Filler Mixing Boards, Panel Prep and Protection, Blades, Process Grid Improvement Tools, Shop Towels, Paint Refinish Wipers.

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