DTM Spray Primers

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DTM spray Primers
  • Matches OEM Electro Deposition primers color, gloss and appearance
  • DTM (Direct To Metal) application
  • Can be topcoated with most Basecoat systems
  • Quick 2 coat coverage
  • 2 nozzles for easy application
  • High performance corrosion protection
  • Chip Scratch and chemical resistant
  • Package size net weight 12oz. (340 g)
  • 34-211 / Black
  • 34-212 / Olive Green
  • 34-213 / Light Green
  • 34-214 / Gray
  • 34-215 / Tan
  • 34-216 / Olive Brown
  • 34-217 / White
  • 34-218 / Field Drab
  • 34-219 / Dark Green

DTM Spray Primers by VIETEK 34-200 series are Direct-To-Metal Aerosol Primers  engineered to match color and appearance of OEM inner panel Electro Deposition primers. DTM Spray Primers called O-Ecoat primers high performance resin system offers industry leading corrosion protection, chip, scratch and chemical resistance along with great color match and 2-coat coverage.

Apply to properly prepared steel, aluminum and or fully cured painted substrates, once cured can be top coated with most automotive basecoat systems. O-Ecoat primers come with two nozzle selections a, 2” to 3” nozzle for easy application in hard to get to areas such as tight structural or pocketed areas or 6” to 7” wide nozzle for large panels.


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