Primer Surfacer

primer surfacer
  • VOC Compliant @ 4.8 lb. /gal (580 g/l) VOC
  • Easy Sanding
  • 2 hours air dry @ 70°F
  • No shrinkage or sand scratch swelling
  • 4:1 Mix Ratio
  • Activator
    • 34-202

Note: We recommend cleaning all spray equipment with VIETEK Gun-Flush Part # 36-650

TEK-200 is a 4.8 lb. /gal (580 g/l) VOC Primer Surfacer that was engineered to provide maximum topcoat performance and DOI. VTK-34-200 is a 2K polyurethane primer-filler that provides an exceptional free sanding film without shrinkage or sand scratch swelling.

Note: (VTK-34-200) TEK-200 Primer Surfacer may not be sold in your market. Please consult your distributor for product availability.


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