BED-ROCK Bedliner

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  • Excellent coverage
  • Easy to apply with spray, brush, or roller
  • Requires 1/2 the air pressure of competitive brands
  • Low overspray, Less mess, Less waste, Highly chemical resistant
  • Exceptional Ultraviolet Light (UV) resistance
  • Strong adhesion to multiple substrates
  • Flexible ultra long-lasting coating
  • 50 State Compliant, VOC mixed, ready-to-use, 2.5 Lbs./gal.

VIETEK 35-899 (3.5 Liter) & 35-891 (1.18 Liter) BED-ROCK Truck Bed Multi-Surface Defensive Coating is a durable two-part polyurethane coating system that looks great and works even better.  It is easy to apply and engineered to protect and extend the life of high wear surfaces from impact, scratches, abrasion, sun light, and chemical abuse.

BED-ROCK bonds directly to clean and properly prepared automotive OEM substrates, properly prepared and primed bare metal, fiberglass, or wood.

For walk aways or areas requiring a low-slip, high-grip surface, add 35-825 BED-ROCK “GripTrack” Anti-Skid/Grip additive.

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