Body Filler Spreader

Body Filler Spreader
  • “Standard” Orange Spreaders come in 4″, 5″ & 6″ sizes
  • “Flex” Opaque-white spreader is available in 4″
  • Extensively tested polyethylene blend for the optimal flexibility and shape retention
  • Engineered for today’s large heavily contoured panels with crisp long flowing body lines
  • Use with Body fillers, Glazes, Fiberglass Resins, Seam-sealers and more
  • 42-114 – Standard Orange 4″ Spreader
  • 42-115 – Standard Orange 5″ Spreader
  • 42-116 – Standard Orange 6″ Spreader
  • 42-124 – Flex Opaque 4″ Spreader

Body Filler Spreader is part of VIETEK 42-100 series spreaders are made of a custom blended Polyethylene compound and are designed for body fillers, Glazes, Fiberglass resins, Seam sealers and more. Clean up is easy, use Acetone or just let the compound dry and peel off for a clean smooth spreader.

Our newly designed Body Filler Spreader have been extensively tested and are engineered to meet the proper shape, edge and flexibility characteristics for today’s large heavily contoured panels with crisp long flowing body lines.

VIETEK’s 42-114, 115 and 116 Orange standard spreaders come in 4”,5” and 6” sizes and our 42-124 “Flex” Opaque spreader comes in 4” only for those panels which require an additional degree of flexibility.


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VIETEK is a private brand of National Coatings and Supplies and Single Source. Our goal is simple: bring innovation that works for Fleet and Industrial paint operations, auto body shops, collision centers, automotive painters, and the collision repair industry as a whole.

VIETEK Products are sold nationwide through National Coatings & Supplies | Singles Sources stores to better serve customers everything they need quickly and at competitive prices.

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