Scuff Pads for Paint Prep

Scuff Pads for Paint Prep
  • 25 Pads per box
  • Pad size: 4 1/2″ x 9″
  • Maroon and Gray
  • Durable – rinse and re-use
  • Flexible – Great for hard-to-get places
  • Versatile – use wet or dry
  • Extended use resin abrasive technology, outlasts competitive brands
  • VIETEK 79-703 Maroon produces a 320 / 400 grit profile scratch
    • Removes light rust
    • De-glosses OEM or other finishes prior to primer application
  • VIETEK 49-704 Gray produces a 800 / 1000 grit profile scratch
    • Use in conjunction with VIETEK 49-777 Final Prep Scuff and Clean Paste for blend panels, plastic bumpers and trim door, trunk and hood jams
    • Final scuffing and de-glossing of all paintable surfaces
  • 49-703 – Maroon
  • 49-704 – Gray

VIETEK 49-703 Maroon and 49-704 Gray TEK-FLEX Soft Scuff Pads for Paint Prep are a highly efficient, strong and extremely flexible surface preparation solution. TEK-FLEX – Scuff Pads for Paint Prep – come in two grit offerings. The 703 maroon pads leave a consistent 320 to 400 grit profile scratch and the 704 gray pad range is 800/1000 grit.

For jobs where a more aggressive scratch is required use 49-703 Maroon pads. They are perfect for removing light rust, de-glossing OEM or other finishes prior to primer application, getting into tight hard to access areas, sharp bodylines and much more.

For jobs where a less aggressive scratch is needed use 49-704 gray pads, designed for plastic bumpers and trim as well as final scuffing of blend panels, door, trunk and hood jams prior to sealer.

Unlike our competitor’s pads that have abrasive applied to the outer fibers, our pads advanced resin formulation and innovative coating process evenly distributes abrasive throughout the webbing. TEK-FLEX provides a uniform scratch profile that lasts considerably longer by exposing new abrasive as it wears. Need a tough reliable cost effective solution for surface preparation,  reach for a TEK-FLEX pad and know that you are using the best.


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