White Poly Coated Masking Paper

  • Compatible with water and solvent borne paints, primers and solvent borne clears
  • No Bleed through
  • Bright white for great light reflection
  • Poly Coated
  • Lint Free
  • Basis Weight – 25lbs. *5 lbs. of which is the poly coating.
  • Length – 750′
  • Corona treated for superior paint adhesion
  • 75-206 / 6″
  • 75-212 / 12″
  • 75-218 / 18″
  • 75-236 / 36″

VIETEK 75-200 series White Poly Coated Masking Paper is one of three Poly Coated papers in the VIETEK line. It is available in common automotive refinish industry widths, 6”, 12”, 18” and 36”, is 750’ in length and is constructed of Poly-Coated, bleached white kraft style sheeting. As with all VIETEK Polly-Coated papers, our VIETEK 75-200 series is impervious to bleed-through. With a basis weight of *35 lbs., this bright white coated paper has great light reflection, is strong, clean, and with its corona treated surface produces superior paint adhesion.  VIETEK 75-200 series is competitive with all current white poly coated papers on the market and offers the same performance as higher priced masking papers.

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