• Durable non-woven wiper thats perfect product for all your general-purpose cleaning and wiping needs.
  • Tougher than paper
  • Wont scratch surfaces
  • Outlasts Paper Towels
  • Soft on hands
  • Non-Woven, Hydroentangled
  • No glues, binders, or chemicals to contaminate your work
  • Highly Absorbent, with more than 2 times faster absorption than paper alternatives
  • Solvent and chemical resistant
  • 43-116 – 60 Count Roll
  • 43-117 – 56 Count 1/4 Fold Pack
  • 43-118 – 100 Count Pop-Up Box
  • 43-119 – 250 Count Bulk Dispenser Box
  • 43-120 – 250 Count Bulk Roll

Shop Rags by VIETEK is an another in a winning line up of co-branded products from our partnership with Sontara®, the industry leader in wiper materials. Shop TEK-RAGs are engineered to cover a broad range of cleaning / wiping needs and come in several size choices from ¼ fold to pop up and multiple roll options. This extremely versatile towel is highly absorbent, with more than 2 times faster absorption than paper alternatives, it’s also extremely durable and longer lasting than paper type products.

VIETEK Shop Rags TEK-RAG series of products outperform other materials and deliver superior performance in areas that don’t require lint-free wipers. Shop TEK-RAG products are disposable, non-woven, hydroentangled die and binder free, and will not contaminate surfaces or you work making this the perfect product for all your general-purpose cleaning and wiping needs.


VALUE – INNOVATION – EXECUTION – TECHNOLOGY, That’s VIETEK, our motto and what drives us every day to develop and promptly deliver innovative, value driven technologies to our core industries: Automotive, Industrial, Fleet, Aviation, Commercial, Manufacturing, Marine and more.

We strive to meet or exceed our customers’ expectations through strong initiatives to deliver superior product performance, united with industry leading value. All this supported by robust initiatives in education, media information and retail store expertise.

VIETEK is a private brand of National Coatings and Supplies and Single Source. Our goal is simple: bring innovation that works for Fleet and Industrial paint operations, auto body shops, collision centers, automotive painters, and the collision repair industry as a whole.

VIETEK Products are sold nationwide through National Coatings & Supplies | Singles Sources stores to better serve customers everything they need quickly and at competitive prices.

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